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Grandstand Stage

Channelled through a group of like-minded musicians with the focused objective of meticulously recreating the absurd tonality and voice of the mighty rock and roll legends - Oasis.This coincided - almost by fate - as the documentary film Supersonic hit our screens and revitalised Oasis fans across the globe. Collectively with decades of experience playing, writing and performing in different musical projects, the members of Owaysis are suitably equipped to deal with the task that they have set for themselves.Owaysis are Rob Kidd (R Kidd) as Liam Gallagher - emulating Liam’s swagger and power. Glenn Wainwright as Noel Gallagher - perfectly simulating Noel’s quiet charm that simultaneously demands attention. Simon Hughes as Gem Archer and Damien Doherty as Andy Bell, reproducing the hallmark ‘wall of noise’ that has become synonymous with all Oasis fans. And finally, Tom Waplington as Chris Sharrock, undertaking the complicated task of keeping all the ensuing madness together on the drums.The band performs with the understanding that the only way to do the music justice is by paying extreme attention to detail. They bring the authentic experience of Oasis back to life through each and every guitar bend, drum roll and vocal harmony.We are 'Definitely Maybe' the UK’s best tribute to Oasis. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself.

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